by Luke Nelson


For several months I had been seeing what other photographers could do with a slow shutter speed, and I wanted to try my hand at it. Then, one day, as I was scrolling through WordPress, I found a page by a photographer who was journaling her learning experience, and one of her posts from 2014 was detailing her experimentation with a slow shutter speed. Two of the photos on the post caught my eye. She had gone out onto the street at nighttime and photographed her mother with a slow shutter speed, telling her where to move and when. As a result, her mother ended up looking like a ghost, see-through and unrecognizable. I loved the photos so much that I decided I was going to attempt them for myself. I essentially did the exact same thing she did, but used myself as the subject and went onto a busy street so I could capture the blended stream of car light behind me. Here’s how the turned out:

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