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A collection of poetry written by me.

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A Poem. Hound sinks And flutters, A golden dove Suspended in stratosphere. Down It plummets, A mighty destroyer, Seething like a fiery eruption of rage Drifting in desert winds. And in the silence, A Sun unfetters Like a flower blossoming Against the cruel indifference of night.

The Corner

A Poem. It seems that each year the corner grows longer. How long before a corner becomes a wall? It seems summer dies slower each autumn. How long until summer is infinite? It seems soft lips shrivel in the sun. How long until they crumble into dust? It seems fall is right around the corner.…

The Watermelon

A Poem. A watermelon splits open, Its sweet juice seeping out. And with its crack! A box unlatches: A sigh of relief From the great Pandora

City of Angels

A Poem To drive, endlessly. Look at the sky. It’s so orange. Why is it so orange? To drive, endlessly. Into the fire, The hills that are boiling; The end that is nearing. To drive, endlessly. Like a lone coyote, slinking Through the desert As night winds howl. To drive, endlessly. North.  As North as…


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