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A collection of the poetry I am proudest of.

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A Poem by Luke Nelson Two hours, twenty minutes in the pipeline. Go figure, it’d be the end of his lifeline. It’s too sour, he’s too bitter for the good line So he’s still waiting, While they’re fucking, doused in white wine. Born a coward, Born a real redneck. He takes a shower, Then waitsContinue reading “Pipeline”

Serenity in the Dustbin

A Poem by Luke Nelson Diego’s snipping reels in the corner, His face turned away in eschew. Agnes is punching stamps over her eyelids, While I’m listening for what I knew. His smile is hidden under lock and key, His mouth spitting gold-plated pleasantries. And they’re all dazzling, rolling, talking heads, Speaking to another setContinue reading “Serenity in the Dustbin”


A Photographical Series and a Poem by Luke Nelson Hotwax is the stream of faces outside a train window. Hotwax is the way in which they melt into one another. Hotwax is the knowledge that they are all moments in time, Entire lives just like yours, And just as minuscule all the same. Hotwax areContinue reading “HOTWAX.”


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