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A collection of the poetry I am proudest of.

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Mother Nature’s Revenge

A Poem by Luke Nelson As the walls topple down And the ground caves in, As the memories are squashed And there‚Äôs nothing left to defend, As the shells hit ground And the sky burns red, Know that this is our fault, Know that this the end. When the songbirds scream A haunting tune woreContinue reading “Mother Nature’s Revenge”

The Eyes of God

A Poem by Luke Nelson In a foreign land there lie mountains of rock and of stone. A Wind blows through the gullies, A Hum through the towering trees. In these mountains there is a deep gorge ascending downwards. No man has been to the bottom; It is observable only by the strong-willed thrill-seeker, TheContinue reading “The Eyes of God”

Born to Kill

A Poem by Luke Nelson Open up one eagle eye For you were born to kill Arm yourself against the night For you were born to kill Sip the sweet scent of nicotine For you were born to kill Wish away the silent screams For you were born to kill Bandages wrapped around bloodied handsContinue reading “Born to Kill”

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