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It Was a Good Life.

Luke Nelson I was never close with my grandfather. Despite knowing him for all 16 years of my life, we rarely talked. A good part of the reason for this was because he lived in Pennsylvania, and I lived all the way across the country in California, so we only saw each other once everyContinue reading “It Was a Good Life.”

The Elysian Fields

by Luke Nelson The Elysian Fields: the ancient Greeks’ version of Heaven Photos taken in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming


by Luke Nelson 9/16/2020 For several months I had been seeing what other photographers could do with a slow shutter speed, and I wanted to try my hand at it. Then, one day, as I was scrolling through WordPress, I found a page by a photographer who was journaling her learning experience, and one ofContinue reading “Ghosts”

The Magazine Collection

Luke Nelson After seeing the “Vogue Challenge” circulate on social media, I wanted to try it out for myself. I did about a two hour-long photo session with my little brother, who did various actions like stand or lie down in the sprinklers, go on our trampoline, and play with the hose. I sorted throughContinue reading “The Magazine Collection”

Black Water

Luke Nelson I was eating dinner at my friend’s house when he spontaneously decided to go night swimming with his little brother and my little brother. While they were in the water, I realized this would be a perfect opportunity for some great photos, but I didn’t have my camera with me so I hadContinue reading “Black Water”


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