The Magazine Collection

Luke Nelson

After seeing the “Vogue Challenge” circulate on social media, I wanted to try it out for myself. I did about a two hour-long photo session with my little brother, who did various actions like stand or lie down in the sprinklers, go on our trampoline, and play with the hose. I sorted through the many photos that I took and figured which ones would looked most like magazine covers, and then put them through Photoshop Express to slap some magazine-like filters on them. I then put them through the actual Photoshop and pulled various PNGs of magazine company logos off the internet. Overall, I think this a) the hardest I’ve ever worked on a photo collection (especially since I am by no means Photoshop savvy) and b) one the best collections I’ve ever done.

Vanity Fair
Vogue #1
Vogue #2
Life Magazine
Men’s Health

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