The Skate Collection

Luke Nelson

These first two photos were part of a much larger collection, but I took them awhile back when I was only just starting photography, so I don’t think they are as good as some of my more recent work. Nevertheless, I thought these two were certainly the best in the group.

These next three photos were taken while my friend was attempting a five-stair at local school. I think they’re pretty basic but still hold some interesting value.

Now, obviously, these next two photos aren’t of somebody actually skating, but I did take them while my friend and I were out skating and I really liked the way they turned out. This was my friend’s first time wearing this very shirt and it actually used to belong to his father, who ran cross country in high school. I put the first photo into an app called Rookie Cam and gave it a simple film filter

Processed with Rookie Cam

These final photos were taken around golden hour at a park nearby my home. My friend’s shoes kept ripping from all the skating so he had to put duck tape on them, and I thought they looked really cool like that so I decided to snap a few photos.

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