Serenity in the Dustbin

A Poem by Luke Nelson Diego’s snipping reels in the corner, His face turned away in eschew. Agnes is punching stamps over her eyelids, While I’m listening for what I knew. His smile is hidden under lock and key, His mouth spitting gold-plated pleasantries. And they’re all dazzling, rolling, talking heads, Speaking to another setContinue reading “Serenity in the Dustbin”

Sahel – The End of the Road

A Poem by Luke Nelson You say you understand Sahel; What has happened here: The death, The life, The hunger.  You think you can put it in your frame and speak of its histories. But how can you understand Sahel When you don’t even understand yourself? How can you understand Sahel When you know nothingContinue reading “Sahel – The End of the Road”


A Photographical Series and a Poem by Luke Nelson Hotwax is the stream of faces outside a train window. Hotwax is the way in which they melt into one another. Hotwax is the knowledge that they are all moments in time, Entire lives just like yours, And just as minuscule all the same. Hotwax areContinue reading “HOTWAX.”

A Face in the Wind

A Poem and a Photographical Series by Luke Nelson 3/3/2022 A man walks out of the forest and into the town. He is plain, unremarkable, A face like any other. But as he walks through this town, People stop in their tracks. They begin quaking, Screaming,  Crying, Laughing, Smiling. They are frozen, Overwhelmed by aContinue reading “A Face in the Wind”

Mother Nature’s Revenge

A Poem by Luke Nelson As the walls topple down And the ground caves in, As the memories are squashed And there’s nothing left to defend, As the shells hit ground And the sky burns red, Know that this is our fault, Know that this the end. When the songbirds scream A haunting tune woreContinue reading “Mother Nature’s Revenge”

The Eyes of God

A Poem by Luke Nelson In a foreign land there lie mountains of rock and of stone. A Wind blows through the gullies, A Hum through the towering trees. In these mountains there is a deep gorge ascending downwards. No man has been to the bottom; It is observable only by the strong-willed thrill-seeker, TheContinue reading “The Eyes of God”