Love and Grief: A Burning Building

A Photographic Series This series depicts a couple crushed by the unbearable weight of loss. Hoping to find comfort in each other’s company, and in the company of nature, they spend time together in a garden; holding hands, lying in laps, and brushing shoulders. But honesty escapes them, and they lack the bravery communication requires.Continue reading “Love and Grief: A Burning Building”


A Photographic Series and a Poem Eons of human suffering roll in tumbling clouds over towering mountains. Endless pain and turmoil thunder down upon those who cast about false optimism.  The devil disguises himself as saints, Wraps his wretched hands around their throats And squeezes them to death, Such that the Dark Ages never end.Continue reading “Threnody”

Independent Study Part Four – “Orange”

A Photographic Series This series was created as part of an independent study I conducted during the second semester of this past school year, my junior year. This collection represents the fourth and final part of the study. This final series was created in response to a string of sexual misconduct cases that have beenContinue reading “Independent Study Part Four – “Orange””