Winchester Days

Poetry and Photography

Shot on 35mm

An eagle sails over the blue diamond waters,

I wander through a forest of green,

A black dog rolls in the lazy flowers,

And the pen writes a stunning scene.

In an old, crooked house

With creaky wood floors,

I’m lost in some fantastic dream.

Don’t call me, don’t bother me.

You can find my body among the leaves.

The world is beginning upon the horizon,

And this is the calm before the storm.

Crystalline perfection shimmers within the black,

And the giants hum in the gentle breeze.

Such is every poet’s greatest thought,

Every philosopher’s righteous idea.

Such is Mother’s hand on a baby’s belly,

Life springing from her open womb.

Generations of humankind’s dreams

Were molded from these sprawling meadows.

Genesis was born from the scent of fresh soil

And the songs of flitting birds.

I could live forever in these Winchester Days.

I could breathe forever in these golden rays.

Like an oasis of childhood recollection,

It lives and breathes the happiest moments of my soul.

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