Independent Study Part Three – “Sacred”

A Photographic Series

This series was created as part of an independent study I conducted during the second semester of this past school year, my junior years. This collection is the third part of the study. The series, “Sacred,” was created in collaboration with Minerva Lerner, a fellow artist at my high school. Minerva’s work consists of screen-printing and embroidering words onto thrifted pieces of women’s clothing in order explore topics surrounding sexual assault/harassment, sexism, and femininity. The dress Minerva is wearing in these images is one of many that she has stylized, and the piece expresses the divinity of the feminine form and the sacredness of the human body. I wanted to take these concepts a step further and display the body’s correlation with its spirit, so I used motion blur to illustrate a soul that is being ripped from its body, but still remains inextricably bound nonetheless.

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