Independent Study Part One – “Liem”

A Photographic Series

This series of photographs was created for an independent study I did during the second half of this past school year, my junior year. This collection is the first of four parts. The boy in this series is a close friend of mine named Liem, and he is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. Liem often breaks social and gender norms by donning what would typically be considered “women’s clothes.” This project served as the sole reason for why I wanted to do an independent study in studio photography in the first place. Having been close to Liem for several years now, I am in constant awe of his unflappable self-confidence and pride. He is fearless about living in his own skin and expressing himself in any way he sees fit, and I wanted to capture those sides of him through the medium I knew best. Thus, I created this series, titled “Liem.” The series is a celebration Liem’s identity, his personality, his character, and, of course, his impeccable style.

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