Independent Study Part Four – “Orange”

A Photographic Series

This series was created as part of an independent study I conducted during the second semester of this past school year, my junior year. This collection represents the fourth and final part of the study. This final series was created in response to a string of sexual misconduct cases that have been taking place at my high school, Polytechnic School, over the past several years. The administration tends to respond to these cases with disingenuous solutions, such as introducing jargonistic new sexual assault policies and handing out a light slap on the wrist to each perpetrator. With this collection of photographs, I wanted to highlight that sexual assault and harassment is not just some unfathomable evil that exists outside of what is supposed to be a safe and nurturing community. Rather, it dwells within the very walls of my school and inflicts endless harm on countless victims in our institution. This series was also made in conjunction with Minerva. We purchased this t-shirt off of my school’s merchandise website, and Minerva tactically ripped and burned the article to paint an image of violation and brutality.

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