Mother Nature’s Revenge

A Poem by Luke Nelson

As the walls topple down

And the ground caves in,

As the memories are squashed

And there’s nothing left to defend,

As the shells hit ground

And the sky burns red,

Know that this is our fault,

Know that this the end.

When the songbirds scream

A haunting tune wore thin,

Watch the Man topple

And pay for your sins

Watch the Man topple

And know that this is the end.

The man in the suit screams and he cries,

Red filling his chest and seeping from his eyes.

He tears at his suit,

He tears and he shreds,

Because he knows right now that he’s already dead.

He knows the hungry went hungry,

And the cold went unclothed;

It’s a theft from the little ones,

So he deserves this he knows.

He took what he wanted,

He shred and he tore,

He fired upon hungry,

And he fired upon poor,

He burnt everything given,

Satisfied all his needs,

It was all his own doing,

He planted those seeds.

So as the poor little songbird is strangled to death,

As the smoke enters your nostrils

And fills up your chest,

As the walls tumble down

And the crown is half-split,

As all your conveniences fall into a bottomless pit,

Remember the vision and remember the loss

Remember the coin and remember the toss

Remember the Man and how he wears thin

Remember the statues and just how they bend

Remember the magnificence of Mother Nature’s Revenge

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