About This Website

Why I’m Here

I am here to offer my opinions about films and TV shows that I feel passionately about. I hope to connect with other film lovers and talk/debate with them. None of my friends are really into film so I hope to use this website as an outlet where I can express my artistic side.

Who I am

My name is Luke and I am a high school student who was born and still lives in California. I am a film student, but I have only started making films very recently. I have also started seriously watching films only recently, so there are many cult films and classics that I have yet to see. My favorite directors are Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan.

What I Love About Film

The reason I believe cinema is the greatest art form is the same reason that Quentin Tarantino thinks it is the greatest art form: if done right, film can immerse the audience into another world like no other art form can. Novels, music, photography, theater, and painting all accomplish this in their own way, but, if you think about it, film is the awesome combination of all of these art forms. First, a film must be written just like a novel, only novels end there. That written film is taken and mixed with photography and visual painting. What that photography and visual painting is displaying is essentially theater. Finally, music is added on top of that to give it the final touch. Film is so incredible because it is the only art form that incorporates all the others.


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